Counseling & Lifestyle Coaching in Wakefield (post-pandemic) and via Zoom

Making Peace with Food & Your Body: If you are stuck in a habit of overeating or using food to cope with uncomfortable emotions, my holistic, non-diet approach can help you lose weight without deprivation – while helping you manage the feelings that have been driving you to the fridge. Together, we will design a simple but effective toolkit to help you ride the ups and downs of life and feel calmer and more at ease.

My approach is warm, curious, collaborative, and down-to-earth. Together, we will explore your habits, lifestyle, and the underlying beliefs and inward battles that have been keeping you stuck. The part of you that craves chocolate will learn how to negotiate with the part that wants to eat healthy.

Together, we will discover, understand and work to transform your:

  • habitual eating
  • emotional eating
  • overeating

Using curiosity and mind/body techniques, we will uncover and work with the underlying conflicts and fears which had been driving your eating behaviors.

In addition to helping clients overcome overeating, I specialize in coping and thriving through life’s transitions, working with medical issues and dealing with difficult relationships.

If you’d like to explore how I can help, you can contact me here.

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