Making Peace with Food, Your Body & Yourself

If you struggle with food or body image, “Making Peace with Food, Your Body & Yourself” can help!

In my 3 session intensive, you will…

· Develop new clarity about your personal Eating Patterns – over-eating, habitual eating, mindless eating, emotional eating, bingeing – and the strategies and compassion to change them.

· Begin to change your perceptions about your body image and appreciate the body you live in – making it easier to take care of it.

· Individualized Steps and Tools to help you manage your emotions so food is not your primary coping strategy.

3-session group program is on hold during the pandemic.

Free Webinar! Barbara will be offering a free webinar “An Introduction to the Making Peace with Food, your Body & Yourself” in the late fall and late winter/early spring.  If you would like to receive notification, please sign up here for her newsletter below.

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