About “Conscious Eating, Conscious Living”

Dear Reader,

This workbook & guided-imagery CD  is a guide for anyone who would like to overcome their compulsive eating and/or chronic dieting and “make peace with food & their body.”  It can be used on your own or with the help of a therapist.

This is the approach that I used myself in getting off the diet/binge cycle and have taught thousands of people over the past 25 years – individually, in groups, workshops and through public and professional presentations.

The table of contents of the book and the tracks of CD will give you a picture of the framework and content of the book.

If this approach feels right for you, I hope you will give yourself this gift.

With warm wishes,
Barbara Holtzman

Hard Copy or Digital

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Table Of Contents

Preface: My personal journey

Introduction:Is this book for me?

Section I  Identifying Goals and Overcoming Obstacles

Chapter 1 : Is your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time?

Section II  Making Peace with Your Body

Chapter 2 : Being in your skin

Chapter 3 : Discovering your natural body weight

Chapter 4 : Changing your relationship with your body

Chapter 5 : The basics: water, rest, oxygen and movement

Section III  Making Peace with Food

Chapter 6 : Ditching the diet

Chapter 7 : Conscious eating: an intuitive approach

Chapter 8 : Cravings and habits

Chapter 9 : Overcoming the urge to binge

Section IV  Taking Charge of Your Life

Chapter 10 : Life after dieting

Chapter 11 : Comforting yourself without food

Chapter 12 : Self-acceptance: what it’s really about

Hard Copy or Digital

CD Tracks

1. Introduction 1:02 minutes
2. Fears & Fantasies 5:45 minutes
3. The Body Speaks 9:52 minutes
  Sample Audio:
4. Conscious Eating 14:39 minutes
  Sample Audio:
5. Coping with Feelings Without Using Food 14:47 minutes
  Sample Audio:
6. Taking Charge of Your Life 12:20 minutes
  Sample Audio:
Hard Copy or Digital

Endorsements for “Conscious Eating, Conscious Living,” click here.

“If you don’t have access to a CD player, not a problem – I will send you the links for downloading it for use on your MP3 player. Contact me at barbara@barbaraholtzman.net for the links”

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