“The topic of making peace with food and your body is so often addressed in complicated or clinical ways. Barbara Holtzman’s beautiful book Conscious Eating, Conscious Living changes all that with her elegant and warm style. She invites you to become a life long friend with your body through lively exercises, wonderful stories, and powerful tools. I especially loved the guided visualization CD that comes with her book. Barbara addresses this loaded topic with clarity, compassion, and authenticity. Her book is s gift to anyone seeking empowerment around eating.”

Gail Straub, Author and Executive Director,
Empowerment Training Programs

“To me as a bookseller, Conscious Eating, Conscious Living stands out in the weight loss literature as a wise and comforting compendium of the very best advice for women struggling with their weight.   Having used Barbara’s book myself, I’m very happy to recommend it to my customers.”Sarah Zachs,
Books on the Square, Providence, RI

“Carefully crafted by a gifted clinical social worker with a great voice, this psychologically sophisticated but easy-to-follow workbook and accompanying CD offers a highly effective, insight-oriented approach to ending compulsive eating. The guided meditations on the CD are excellent – voice, music and wording are all powerful and effective – and work as a stand-alone recording, but the workbook adds important structure and content.”Belleruth Naprastek, M.A., LISW
Psychotherapist, Author, Guided-imagery Expert

“I am in love with your Conscious Eating, Conscious Living book!”Jeanette Chardon, MSW, Portland, Oregon

“Thank you for your wise book.  It is wise, accessible, useful and so appreciated.”
G.T. Reader

“It’s the only program I know that treats me lovingly.”Chris Kavanaugh

“I am a therapist in private practice for 20 years.  I work with many women struggling with compulsive overeating and poor body image.  I am grateful that Barbara Holtzman has created a workbook that is both something to work with individually as well as therapy friendly.  As a therapist I have found Barbara’s narratives, charts and exercises invaluable as an adjunct to providing therapy to clients.  We are able to refer to exercises or use assignments for homework.    The CD is both a soothing and valuable teaching aid and is a unique combination of mind body into visual and audio dimensions.  I think this is a therapeutic book that all therapists should have in their library to make available to clients to borrow or purchase on their own.”Renee Brochester, MSW, LICSW

As a psychologist who has worked with eating disordered women for years, I highly recommend Barbara Holtzman’s Conscious Eating, Conscious Living, because it is concisely written, offers useful examples, and provides well-designed questions and exercises.  Ms. Holtzman’s book is one of the few available resources to help women learn to accept their bodies and love themselves, no matter what “size” they are.  An added bonus to the workbook is the guided visualization CD, which is useful for those who learn best through auditory materials.  In short, I highly recommend the book and often do so in working with my clients.”Marge Franca-Terceira, Psy.D. University Psychologist URI Counseling Center

“Oprah Winfrey talks about “making the connection” physically.  Barbara Holtzman’s approach has allowed me to “make the connection “ not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.”Gerry Thalmann

“Barbara Holtzman, MSW, has taken a problem shared by many, i.e., using food for reasons beyond sustenance, and has provided a wonderful set of strategies for examining a more conscious and mindful approach to eating and self-care.  She integrates effective mind-body techniques with cognitive behavioral methods to produce a very usable resource for clients seeking help as well as the general public.  I have found the book to be a welcome adjunct to psychotherapy sessions for clients who seek to better understand their relationship with food and their bodies.  Barbara uses her expertise and sensitivity to guide others on a journey of self-examination by providing a companion CD along with the workbook style manual.  Clients have found it helpful to be able to work on this issue in the privacy of their own space and at their own pace.  This is an appreciated resource in my self-help library.”Kathleen Boyd, MSW, Providence RI

“Conscious Eating, Conscious Living is chock full of practical ideas for those who are tired of living the diet mentality.”Linda Sebelia, R.D., Providence RI

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