Making Peace with Food & Your Body

Imagine a world where our bodies were all considered equally beautiful. No more dieting (and the bingeing that naturally follows a diet) in order to conform to this culture’s current standard. What a liberating fantasy. Our culture, unfortunately, is still entrapped in its rigid norms. An unrealistic standard of beauty unattainable by most women is dictated by the beauty industry in particular, and by sex-oriented advertising campaigns in general. Our self-esteem as women suffers as we are told that we are not okay as we are – our noses are too big, our stomachs too round, our breasts too small…Click Here to continue reading

Changing Your Relationship With Food
How do you decide what and when to eat? Because it’s lunchtime? Because someone brought donuts to the staff meeting? Because you’re tired or bored? Most of us eat based on external stimuli rather than our own physical needs and food preferences. Many of us don’t even know when we’re hungry or comfortably satisfied. If our urge to eat is usually triggered by external situations such as the time of day or the availability of food, we may lose the awareness of our body’s message of hunger. If eating is our primary coping mechanism for dealing with uncomfortable feelings, ….Click Here to continue reading
Overcoming Emotional Eating with EFT

I hope your Thanksgiving was nourishing in all ways – tasty, nutritious and with loving companionship. For many of us, Thanksgiving heralds the start of a 4-5 week spree of eating and buying. But if you’d like to change that pattern this year, I have a wonderful tool for you – EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. A couple of months ago, I wrote that I had been studying this technique and using it on myself and with many of my clients for dealing with cravings and uncomfortable emotions. And since I have just finished designing my December 7 workshop in RI on “Overcoming Emotional Eating with EFT,” …Click Here to continue reading

Eating for Pleasure

It’s summertime – a time of barbecues, ice cream and corn on the cob. So, are you enjoying your summer treats?

Last week, I went biking at an old favorite place on the other end of Rhode Island. It’s only an hour from my house but by Rhode Island standards, it’s too far to visit often! I hadn’t been there in years and since we passed by one of the best known and beloved ice cream shops in Rhode Island, I couldn’t resist having a cone. Several minutes later, I looked at my half-eaten cone and realized that I wasn’t enjoying it that much. The first few licks were very good but now it was just “pretty good.”….Click Here to continue reading

Getting Back on Track

Anita Johnston, in her book “Eating in the Light of the Moon” describes how we all carry around 2 baskets – one that is filled with food and water and the other which is filled by non-food elements, including rest, loving connections, being in nature, deep breathing, intellectual stimulation, experiencing meaning in our lives… She describes how compulsive eaters attempt to fill all their needs through filling the food basket.

In this newsletter, I will talk about how you can get yourself back on track when you have gotten back into old habits of overeating or habitual eating….Click Here to continue reading

Nourishing Yourself

Now that spring is finally here, many of you may be thinking about summer with mixed feelings – pleasure at the joys of summer but anxiety about the loss of winter’s cover-up clothes, revealing more of your body. For many, this will bring up thoughts of the next diet.

Most of you have been on a diet – many diets, many times – and yet you hope this time will be different. And it can be – if you do it differently. Studies show that for many people, making small changes is more effective and long-lasting than making big ones….Click Here to continue reading

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