“10 Things you need to know about losing weight”

From PBS’s special

  • I knew that people eat less when they use a smaller plate, but their study they cited found that people averaged 22% less food when eating off a 10″ plate instead of a 12″ plate! They also did a study, giving  a huge container of popcorn to people. Some had the huge size and some were given the super-huge size (both were too big to finish). Participants were told to eat their fill. Those with the larger container ate much more popcorn than those with the smaller container.
  • Eating breakfast made it easier to lose weight (you probably knew that one) and eating protein with each meal allowed people to feel satiated for much longer, a suggestion you’ve been hearing me advocate in my own tips.
  • Variety induces people to eat more. They noted that people ate more m’n’ms from a bowl filled with multi-colors than those in bowls with a single color. Novelty also makes a difference. I went to Club Med a couple of times in my younger years. The first few days, I ate a little of everything (sometimes a lot of everything!). But after awhile, since the choices were generally the same, I became more discerning and only ate what I really wanted at the time.

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